We are so bad at Berlin’ing

We had been looking for a small live music venue in our neighborhood. Google searches only brought up tourist spots downtown or concerts in the giant stadiums. Not really what we were looking for. Then one day, over the summer, I heard someone talking about a great local spot where they had just heard an… Continue reading We are so bad at Berlin’ing

I’m Not (only) Lucky

I know it is actually meant to be a compliment, but I can’t help feeling just a little offended or irked every time someone tells me, “Wow, you’re so lucky you’ve lived abroad and traveled. I wish I could have done that!” I never know how to respond; it’s awkward.  And no one seems to… Continue reading I’m Not (only) Lucky

The #1 Reason the German Language Makes Me Want to Cry

It is no secret that die, der, or das is an important aspect of German vocabulary. Simply translated it means, “the.” But the German language never agreed to be simple. Each noun, depending on its gender, carries the corresponding article with it. I was told in the beginning that it is important to always learn… Continue reading The #1 Reason the German Language Makes Me Want to Cry

An Idiot Abroad

Living (or even just traveling) abroad is sure to bring out the ignorant idiot in all of us. When that somewhere new comes with a foreign language the confusion compounds. This combination has sure brought my clueless, airhead tendencies to surface a time or two. But that’s not much of an accomplishment; my blooper-reel is… Continue reading An Idiot Abroad

Cobblestone streets are a pain in the ass

You know what’s a pain in the ass? Cobblestone streets. Seriously, how are these still being produced? I can understand, that way back in ancient times, the only way to make streets was with a mosaic of stones or maybe bricks. And that worked just fine, wheels were maybe a little more primitive too, and… Continue reading Cobblestone streets are a pain in the ass